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TOYO Submersible Agitator Sand Pumps

ET Series – Submersible Agitator Sand Pumps

  • Cutter Fan (agitator) installed at the bottom of pump prevents clogging.
  • SCI Mechanical Seal provides extreme durability.
  • Hi-Chrome casting iron is used in Impeller, Cutter Fan and the other expendable parts and every parts have enough thickness.
  • The distance between Suction Cover and Impeller is adjustable and it allows best operation anytime.
  • Thermal Protector prevents the burning of motor by single phase operation or overload.


DPF Series – Submersible Agitator Sand Pumpsdpf

  • Standard models of Toyo Submersible Agitator Sand pump provides high durability and resistance for abrasion.
  • Two Sealing method; oil seal/rareflon seal and mechanical seal are available.
  • Suitable for dredger/dredging system. DPF provides best performance for dredging, wide range of specification fits to many kind of application.

KYC Concrete Mixer

Twister – High Performance Mixer
Outstanding kneading performance with continuous paddle producing high performance concrete at specified volume reducing the cycle time with two gate discharge.

Model TWS1750N TWS2250N TWS2750N TWS3250N TWS5000 TWS6000
Capacity 1.75m3 2.25m3 2.75m3 3.25m3 5m3 6m3
Motor 30kW x 2 37kW x 2 45kW x 2 55kW x 2 90kW x 2 110kW x 2
Revolution 33min-1 32min-1 30min-1 30min-1 28min-1 28min-1
Weight 8100kg 8400kg 10300kg 11600kg 20000kg 21800kg
Discharge Method Full width damper gate operated with air cylinder